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Very often, being already in a position, a woman does not even suspect this. As a rule, in such a situation, we are talking about an unplanned pregnancy. There are several early signs that many do not pay attention to, but they may be the first news that a new life is emerging in the body. You have to listen to yourself.

Lower abdominal pain

Many women experience similar sensations on the eve of menstruation. It would seem that nothing unusual happens, and since the lower abdomen hurts, then critical days are just around the corner. But not everything is so simple. Often the lower abdomen begins to sip, not a day or two before the onset of menstruation, but in 5-7 days, when it is too early for them. And only when this pain is repeated day after day and menstruation does not occur on time, can a woman think. All this time, changes have already taken place in the body, and the implantation of a fetal egg causes the pulling pains in the lower abdomen into the uterine cavity. This usually occurs on the 3-4th day after intercourse. Two more days are needed for the introduction of a fertilized into the endometrium. However, do not forget that a stomach ache can also be due to several other reasons that are not always caused by pregnancy, and it is better to consult a doctor. Today, many women live in such a rhythm that you won’t surprise anyone with fatigue at the end of the day. But fatigue is different. If a week ago, tired of physical or emotional stress, you took the time to rest and quickly regained strength, then during pregnancy, such fatigue will only accumulate.

And if in the morning waking up on a wake-up call becomes more difficult, and during the day you continuously want to lie down and relax this is an early sign that changes are already taking place in the body, and this is due to a change in the hormonal background of the woman. Also, body temperature may rise slightly, but not above 37.5 degrees. Pregnancy tests at this time, as a rule, do not yet show two strips.

how early detect pregnancy
Early signs pregnancy, when do test too early

Breast sensitivity

For many women, this sensitivity appears a few days before menstruation, and judging only by this sign of a possible pregnancy, of course, is not worth it.

But some women note that breast sensitivity during pregnancy is much stronger than before menstruation. Also, changes unfamiliar to you may occur breast size will increase, the veins in the mammary glands will become more noticeable, the nipples will darken or become painful. In a word, if you suspect that you are pregnant, study your breast well and pay attention to whether something unusual is happening to it.

Frequent urination

Often women expect this symptom in the third trimester of pregnancy, and this is because the fetus is already large enough and presses on the upper part of the bladder, which causes the frequent urge to go to the toilet. In the early stages, the cause of frequent urination may be a change in the hormonal background, in particular, the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, the one that “shows” two strips on the test). He, in particular, is responsible for an increase in urination. The uterus of a pregnant woman in the first weeks of pregnancy also, although slightly, increases and presses on the back wall of the bladder, causing mechanical irritation and, as a result, the desire to visit the ladies’ room more often, especially at night.

Skin condition

Sometimes, on the eve of menstruation, women develop acne on their faces.

If you are not one of them, and skin rashes suddenly appeared, there is a reason to think about a possible pregnancy. Such outbreaks are attributed to the early toxicosis of pregnant women. They arise due to the changing hormonal background of the woman, and, as a rule, by the time she already knows that she is pregnant, the rash itself goes away. But it should be remembered that this symptom is not manifested by everyone and may depend on the general state of a woman’s health and her nutrition.

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