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Toxicosis during pregnancy for someone can pass almost imperceptibly, but for someone, it can become a real torment. About what this is connected with, what to look for and how to alleviate the condition of toxicosis, we talked with the obstetrician-gynecologist.

What is pregnant toxicosis

Toxicosis translated from Greek means “poisonous”. This is a reaction of the body to an external pathogen, a painful condition caused by the action on the body of exogenous toxins or harmful substances that are produced directly in the body. There are early toxicosis, which can be observed in the

Signs of pregnancy

The first period of pregnancy up to 12-13 weeks, and late toxicosis, which manifests itself in such a dangerous condition, which in medicine is called mild, moderate and severe eclampsia. As a rule, the state of eclampsia can occur after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

help for nausea when pregnant
What helps with nausea during pregnancy

What do the manifestations of toxicosis depend on?

The most natural for a woman is an early manifestation of toxicosis up to 12 weeks. At this time, there is a restructuring of the body due to a developing pregnancy. Since a child is initially a foreign agent for a woman’s body, the immune system is being rebuilt, that is, certain links in the system are blocked that do not allow the fetus to be torn away. The psychological state of a woman from the moment of pregnancy also changes, which also affects well-being. There is also certain evidence that toxicosis is provoked by an increase in the level of the hormone gonadotropin. It is thanks to this hormone that the restructuring of the body associated with pregnancy begins. You should also not ignore hereditary factors. If women had vivid manifestations of early toxicosis in the family, this can be inherited. It is also widely believed that if the first pregnancy took place before the age of 30, the manifestations of toxicosis will be more pronounced. In subsequent pregnancies, the symptoms of toxicosis will manifest less.

American scientists have shown that the symptoms of toxicosis are a sign of normal pregnancy and fetal strengthening.

How is toxicosis manifested?

Toxicosis is usually manifested by nausea and vomiting. Most often, this is observed on an empty stomach. After these symptoms should already pass. On average, this condition lasts up to 12 weeks, while after the 8th week it goes into decline.

When do you need a doctor?

If vomiting is strong and frequent, against the background of lowering pressure, dry skin, with an unpleasant odor from the mouth, this suggests that the body can not cope with the load and it needs help. Therefore, the help of a doctor is needed. Previously, there were cases when, with especially painful manifestations of toxicosis, the issue of abortion was resolved. Now, with the help of medications, you can maintain a pregnant woman and maintain a pregnancy. Such toxicosis is treated in a hospital, under supervision.

How to alleviate your condition

If toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy does not require the intervention of a doctor, you can independently alleviate your condition if you adhere to the following recommendations:

Any medication for vomiting can be prescribed only by a doctor. During pregnancy, medications are used only strictly according to indications, you can only take herbal preparations. Your doctor may prescribe a drug (Cerucal) once to reduce the frequency of vomiting.

Adjust your diet. It is recommended to take food that is neither hot nor cold. Eat foods that you love the most and that don’t cause you disgust.

Observe the optimal mode of work and rest, move actively, nightly walks in the fresh air, physical education, hardening procedures are mandatory. Fresh air favorably affects the course of pregnancy. The more often you ventilate the room, the less pronounced the symptoms of toxicosis.

Since the symptoms of toxicosis most often manifest on an empty stomach, to level them, take the habit of having breakfast while not getting out of bed.

Include these foods in your diet:

  • drink more, best of all alkaline waters (Borjomi, Narzan), releasing gases in advance;
  • dried fruit compotes (dried apricots, prunes, can be acidified with lemon), fruit drinks (lingonberry, cranberry), rosehip broth;
  • pumpkin juice (also with lemon) also suppresses toxicosis symptoms well;
  • a spoonful of honey with cool water on an empty stomach;
  • citruses, fresh citrus (grapefruit, orange). It is important to remember that these freshes very much destroy the tooth enamel, therefore, after consuming the fresh it is necessary to rinse your teeth with boiled or mineral water;
  • peppermint. Melissa is not recommended for use since it has an abortive property;
  • protein-rich foods: meat products, beans, dairy products.

With toxicosis, acupuncture and acupressure help to improve the condition, but always after consultation with a specialist.

Aromatherapy can affect both favorably and annoyingly. The aromas of lemon, anise, roses improve the prescription field and neutralize symptoms.

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