My children are important, sometimes the rest will have to wait

Even if the children don’t come first, it is important to share special moments with them, making everything else wait.

Children are important and although they don’t come first, because we are not just mothers, but women at 360 degrees, carving out moments dedicated only to them is fundamental.

Taken from countless daily commitments, we often forget how precious time is spent in their company, without necessarily doing impossible things. Sometimes it is enough to read a book together, play, chase each other, talk about more and less, take a little trip out of town, to feel united. The important thing is to pull the plug, completely, in those moments of dedication, which will remain impressed in their long-term memory.

Because if loneliness can be pleasant for us adults, children prefer to share time with the people they love. That is why we must not underestimate the importance of sharing moments, and we must not risk postponing them eternally because of work or other commitments. In this sense, the phrase “first there are my children, then everything else” should be understood: sometimes it is necessary to put them first, regardless of the external pressures that would be needed elsewhere.

But this does not mean giving up on oneself, because in order to raise happy children, it is essential to feel satisfied with one’s life. We need to strike the right balance, so that we do not put them first, but not even after all else. It is certainly not easy to get to the middle way, and it is inevitable that there are periods of greater stress in which it is difficult to stand by him as you would like, and others instead quieter in which to recover.

On the other hand, we are not perfect, life itself is imperfection, and the only thing we can do is try to find our own personal balance, even in the relationship with children. Provided that the daily frenzy to which we are accustomed does not distance is too much from them, preventing us from finding time to spend together, without interference. They need us, our care, our sweet words, our caresses, magical moments spent in the family, to feel loved, to grow more serene and self-confident, more loving and supportive towards the surrounding world.

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