If you let your son free to express his passions, you’ll do him good

Let’s not cage our children’s creativity, let’s leave them free to express themselves. Parents are the most difficult profession. As soon as we become parents, we take on a role that will last a lifetime. When we come into the world we are defenseless beings, in need of care, love and dedication. The family is […]

My children are important, sometimes the rest will have to wait

Even if the children don’t come first, it is important to share special moments with them, making everything else wait. Children are important and although they don’t come first, because we are not just mothers, but women at 360 degrees, carving out moments dedicated only to them is fundamental. Taken from countless daily commitments, we […]

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children: who they are and how to recognize them

According to some parapsychological theories, they have an innate level of wisdom. And they would have characteristics that would make them easily distinguishable. To the superficial eye they might look like children like everyone else, but they don’t. They are the “Star Children”, “Gifted Children” or even “Millenium Children”. According to a branch of parapsychology […]

Underprivileged syndrome: how to grow secondborn babies

Disadvantaged person syndrome: here are some useful information to better understand the needs and problems that may affect the second child. Disadvantaged person’s syndrome, what exactly is it about? It is psychologists who show that very often the second child is more problematic than the others. In this regard, an old cliché highlights the major […]

Destinations and tips for a single holiday with children

Organizing a holiday with children is never easy, especially if you are a single parent. Here are some tips Organizing holidays with children, if you are a single parent, may create some anxiety, especially if it is the first time. Don’t worry though, there are perfect destinations to have fun together. Arranging the perfect father […]