Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children: who they are and how to recognize them

According to some parapsychological theories, they have an innate level of wisdom. And they would have characteristics that would make them easily distinguishable.

To the superficial eye they might look like children like everyone else, but they don’t. They are the “Star Children”, “Gifted Children” or even “Millenium Children”. According to a branch of parapsychology thought, they would represent (as you can clearly see from the name) a real gift, as well as for their family, for the whole of humanity. The secret would lie in their energy, the aura, which can bring mankind to a more advanced stage of evolution. And all this would happen through an extraordinary level of wisdom and innate love, capable of awakening our inner strength.

It was the first writer, psychotherapist and clairvoyant Doreen Virtue to theorize the advent of the crystal children’s generation, following the indigo generation (because of the particular color of their aura) that would be born between the ’70s and ’90s.

From the 2000s onwards, therefore, two successive generations of special children would have appeared on our Planet: the “crystal children” and the “rainbow children”.

Their crystalline or rainbow connotation would derive also in this case from the aura, which would be respectively opalescent or multicoloured. Compared to the previous generation of special children, they too would have innate spiritual gifts and paranormal powers such as high telepathic and psychic abilities. Telepathy could in some cases cause them a slight delay in the development of language, with the result of learning to speak even at 3-4 years. Sometimes they would be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome.

Very calm and peaceful in character, affectionate and incredibly sensitive to energies and emotions, the books “The Crystal Children” and “Indigo, Crystal And Rainbow Children” by Doreen Virtue explain how you can recognize these children so special. The first aspect would lie in their eyes: they are very large and penetrating, almost hypnotic. When they stare at us they give us the feeling that our soul is stripped bare. Another clue is that they are so calm and reflective that they almost never give in to whims and are very prone to forgiveness, much more than their peers. Having said the difficulty of language, they often manage to sing before being able to speak, they have no fear of height (they climb without problems) and have an innate sense of direction, they are very spiritual, linked to nature and lovers of animals. Finally, with regard to diet, they are more likely to eat vegetables and raw foods, avoiding meat (especially if red), white sugar and fine flour.

Compared to the “crystal children”, then, the “rainbow children” have even more evolved characteristics. According to Doreen Virtue “they are the incarnation of our divinity and the example of our potential”, having even extraterrestrial characteristics. Generally they do not get very sick, but they are very sensitive to human negativity, agitating in the face of quarrels or manifestations of pettiness. Therefore, be very careful if you find yourself in such situations…

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