If you let your son free to express his passions, you’ll do him good

Let’s not cage our children’s creativity, let’s leave them free to express themselves.

Parents are the most difficult profession. As soon as we become parents, we take on a role that will last a lifetime.

When we come into the world we are defenseless beings, in need of care, love and dedication. The family is the perfect place to grow up and learn the values of life. For this reason, when we decide to have children, we must be fully aware of what it means to be a parent. We are the first people to be responsible for the education of our children, their formation and care in the individual stages of life. However, being a parent entails challenges, which means that not only good intentions are enough, but also a lot of determination.

Our children depend on our expressions of love or rejection and on our state of mind. For this reason it is fundamental to be serene and at peace with ourselves, because the richness of family education is based on the achievement of harmony. As parents we have the task of helping our children to make use of their talents, their creativity, overcoming certain limits.

Every child has his or her own predispositions, being able to recognize them and helping him or her to develop his or her potential, without precluding anything, can make him or her grow with greater self-confidence.

To indulge the passions and talents of children from an early age can be a great gift for their future, because all the choices and attitudes that they will learn to acquire and improve during their lives depend on their stimulation. We must not “cage” the creativity of our children, on the contrary, we must let them be free. Free to express themselves, to experiment, to pursue their dreams. This freedom allows them to discover their own inclinations and to cultivate them with passion and dedication. Everyone has the right to choose their own path. Giving space to their initiatives will help them find their own.

We give our children the luxury of changing their minds as long as they are old enough to do so. We give them opportunities to gain experience by leaving them free to act. This does not mean not dictating rules but amplifying the knowledge of one’s own talents in safety and autonomy. All this can only enrich them and make them grateful for what will become of their future.

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