Holiday tasks: fast and fun exercises for math review

The school year is over and, as always, the dreaded holiday tasks arrive. Not even the time to rest that the pupils have to face exercises and problems of mathematics.

What to do? The solution, for parents and children, is to focus on simple and fun exercises, which make the review less “heavy” and boring, turning into a game even a difficult subject like mathematics.

The perfect ally in this case is Redooc, a digital educational platform designed to help children, young people and parents. Its particularity lies in the fact that it combines digital and paper, leading users to the discovery of mathematics with clear video lessons and fun games.

This innovative system works because it allows you to follow your learning process, it is also built like a game, with goals and progress that allow you to move from one level to another. All this stimulates the pupils to go ahead and discover more and more about mathematics and its secrets.

For elementary school students, the platform offers downloadable and printable games, to be played under the umbrella, in the garden or at home, puzzles and lessons to learn how to write numbers from 0 to 9 and from 10 to 19.

Summer will be an important time, especially for children who in September will start the first grade and the first high. The invalids have become a fixed appointment and often feared by students, especially with regard to mathematics.

The solution, as always, is to review and prepare in the right way, to get to the beginning of the year without anxiety and fear. For the boys of the middle school Reedoc provides exercises and tests useful to pass the test invalsi of mathematics without problems, thanks to a quick and effective review. For students who will face the first high school, instead, there are cards and quizzes on the knowledge of mathematics.

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