Five ways to properly carry your baby

A nursing infant has little entertainment – neither running nor jumping. More often than not, you have to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. But this is so boring! But I want to see how the birds fly outside the window, who looks out of the mirror. Mom, of course, will take on the arms and show everything, but it is very important to carry the baby correctly. Choose the best baby wraps for preemies.

In babies, the spine is still very weak, and it is important to carry the baby on the hands so that the intervertebral cartilages are not compressed, and the nerve endings that are between them are not pinched, otherwise, early back problems cannot be avoided.

Supporting the baby under the ass and sitting down even half-lying is worth not earlier than 3 months. Starting from 3 months, you can try to lift the baby by the handles from the “lying” position, so that he pulls himself up, slightly sits down and thus pumps the abdominal muscles.

But the most important rule for the formation of a healthy spine is not to put it on your knees, or on your hand, or even more so on a chair, until the baby begins to sit confidently CAM, that is, at about 6-7 months.

The most comfortable and useful “going out” positions for the baby are as follows:

Hangover your shoulder

The child’s head and arms are, as it were, thrown over the mother’s shoulder, the head lies on its side. With her free hand, mom supports the baby along the spine.

In this position, the baby will be fine after feeding. If you lightly pat the baby on the back, the extra air will come out without any problems!


With one hand, take the baby under the chest (or under the armpits), press it against you with the back, and with the other hand, hold it under the knees, so that the butt sags and the spine rests. In this position, the baby will look at everything around with interest and, as it were, walk (with your feet) forward. Just make sure that the baby does not lean forward, but rests his back on your stomach.


The best classic position: you hold the child so that your forearm is under his spine, and the baby’s head rests comfortably on mom’s elbow.

Lemur on a branch

The baby lies with its belly on your forearm, your palm is “under the diaper”, and the legs and arms of the crumbs hang freely. So, lying on his stomach, it is convenient for the child to get rid of gas, and the backrests from constant lying. Lemurs sleep like that, hanging from branches, why don’t the kids get some sleep!

For those who are older

On the hip!

This position is suitable for babies over 4 months old. The child hugs your side with his legs and gets half-hanging on your hip, and with your hand, you hold the baby under your arm. Make sure that the baby is hanging, and not sitting on the hip, then his spine will not be tense.

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