Destinations and tips for a single holiday with children

Organizing a holiday with children is never easy, especially if you are a single parent. Here are some tips

Organizing holidays with children, if you are a single parent, may create some anxiety, especially if it is the first time. Don’t worry though, there are perfect destinations to have fun together.

Arranging the perfect father daughter or mother daughter trip is easy, just follow a few little tips. If you prefer an all-organized trip, ask your agency, explain what you’re looking for, and wait for them to create for you and your child the ideal holiday, studied in detail for you. Don’t forget, however, that during the holidays you will have an “enemy”: summer homework.

Organise a single parent trip with your children

Every parent knows that holidays with a child must always have a rule: to be suitable for the youngest. This is often summed up in a single word: comfort. If you choose the sea, make sure that it is close and easy to reach, to avoid long trips under the sun. Choose a hotel, a residence or a farmhouse with a swimming pool, where you can relax and play even after leaving the beach.

A trip for singles with children can be made more enjoyable if done in the company of friends who have children. In this way your little one can play with them and let you relax, at least a little bit. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone with children your own age, you can always meet someone once on holiday.

Where to go on holiday with your children

One of the most important things when planning a holiday with your children is to stay in places that are too isolated and that do not have a grocery store or pharmacy nearby. With children it is always better to be in a place where there is someone to ask for help in case of need. A campsite is a perfect holiday for children and could be a compromise solution, but there are many other options for a holiday together.

Holiday village or cruise

Another solution is to spend your holidays in a village or even take a nice cruise. In both cases there will be entertainers who will fill every moment of your day, and that of your child, with interesting and fun activities. The only drawback of this solution, however, could be related to just too many things to do, which could pass to parent and child of the holidays as separate. Having fun together is the watchword.

How to choose between sea and mountains

Sea or mountain? This is the main question that all lone parents ask themselves when it comes to planning their holiday with their little one. If the child is just a child, the sea is the best and most manageable choice, taking care to protect the child from the sun. When your child is a little older, around the age of 8-10, then you can also try a more challenging and healthy mountain holiday. If your holiday destination is a city of art, create a kid friendly route, where you can alternate cultural moments with lighter ones of play or rest.

Children’s favourite destinations

Holidays with children can also make parents come back small. There are in fact some dream destinations, where every child would like to go. Below is a list of some that are abroad:

  • New York, to visit the Public Library and the real Winnie The Pooh, or the Museum of Natural History, known for the film “Una notte al museo”;
  • Disneyworld or Eurodisney, in these places even adults will rediscover the memories of their childhood and the little ones will feel like Princesses and Knights;
  • Legoland in Denmark, to play with the most famous bricks in the world;
  • London, where there is a reconstruction of the set of Harry Potter.

What to bring on holiday with your children

Let’s now move on to practical advice. When travelling with a child, a first aid kit and all the medicines needed to solve emergency situations, such as car or airplane sickness tablets, should never be missing from your suitcase. Whatever vehicle you choose to go on holiday, there will be downtime and your child may be bored. So don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite games with you, but also a deck of cards to play with on rainy days, which you will be forced to pass indoors. If you travel by plane, put all these things in your hand luggage: they will be indispensable to you.

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