Five ways to properly carry your baby

A nursing infant has little entertainment – neither running nor jumping. More often than not, you have to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. But this is so boring! But I want to see how the birds fly outside the window, who looks out of the mirror. Mom, of course, will take on the arms and show everything, but it is very important to carry the baby correctly. Choose the best baby wraps for preemies.

Reliable signs of ovulation

The body of a healthy non-pregnant woman of childbearing age is subject to cyclical changes. A few weeks after the onset of menstruation, you can notice some signs of ovulation in yourself – this is a favorable time for conception. Caution should be taken if there are no signs. You can always check for ovulation with the best […]


Toxicosis during pregnancy for someone can pass almost imperceptibly, but for someone, it can become a real torment. About what this is connected with, what to look for and how to alleviate the condition of toxicosis, we talked with the obstetrician-gynecologist. What is pregnant toxicosis Toxicosis translated from Greek means “poisonous”. This is a reaction […]