Reliable signs of ovulation

The body of a healthy non-pregnant woman of childbearing age is subject to cyclical changes. A few weeks after the onset of menstruation, you can notice some signs of ovulation in yourself – this is a favorable time for conception. Caution should be taken if there are no signs. You can always check for ovulation with the best […]


Toxicosis during pregnancy for someone can pass almost imperceptibly, but for someone, it can become a real torment. About what this is connected with, what to look for and how to alleviate the condition of toxicosis, we talked with the obstetrician-gynecologist. What is pregnant toxicosis Toxicosis translated from Greek means “poisonous”. This is a reaction […]

Removing your child’s smartphone will save his creativity

They are called digital natives, they are the children of today, born and raised on bread and technology. But if on the one hand this is a fortune, on the other hand there are pitfalls. In particular, smartphones and tablets should be “administered” with care because, among other things, they risk to disadvantage the creativity […]

If you let your son free to express his passions, you’ll do him good

Let’s not cage our children’s creativity, let’s leave them free to express themselves. Parents are the most difficult profession. As soon as we become parents, we take on a role that will last a lifetime. When we come into the world we are defenseless beings, in need of care, love and dedication. The family is […]

Look at your son’s drawings and find out what he wants to say to you

When you say “give voice to your emotions”: what most of the time becomes complicated for adults is instead the most natural for children. Before being able to speak fluently, drawing is the first way to communicate, to express one’s needs, needs or fears. It is therefore important to dig deep to understand what the […]

My children are important, sometimes the rest will have to wait

Even if the children don’t come first, it is important to share special moments with them, making everything else wait. Children are important and although they don’t come first, because we are not just mothers, but women at 360 degrees, carving out moments dedicated only to them is fundamental. Taken from countless daily commitments, we […]

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children: who they are and how to recognize them

According to some parapsychological theories, they have an innate level of wisdom. And they would have characteristics that would make them easily distinguishable. To the superficial eye they might look like children like everyone else, but they don’t. They are the “Star Children”, “Gifted Children” or even “Millenium Children”. According to a branch of parapsychology […]

First grade, exercises and checks to prepare for the entry test of mathematics and geometry

Summer has just begun, but it is already time to think about September, especially for those pupils who will have to face the first grade. The first day of school is an important test, not only because the children are dealing with new teachers and classmates, but also because of the dreaded math entry test. […]